Venice - A Day in Burano

A rainbow of houses along the canals of Burano, just across the lagoon from Venice.

A day trip to Burano was one of the very first activities I planned for my trip to Venice. I do a lot of my travel brainstorming by browsing photos on flickr. I'll read about a place in a guidebook or on tripadvisor then head over to flickr to look at shots by real people, searching tags and groups until I have a feeling about the location. All it took to convince me to visit Burano was one flickr search and the resulting barrage of colorful shots had me practically booking my ticket on the spot.

A resident of the island of Burano surveying the main square.


FarmBloomington / Redux

Pizza at FarmBloomington, the meaty Sausage Factory pie.

Every other year or so I end up back at FarmBloomington. The food is pretty spendy, making it more of a special occasion spot. And since it's not my favorite big budget restaurant (Uptown and Samira usually come first and second) I don't make it there very often. It's usually the fries that bring me back. The addictively garlick-y, slightly spicy, perfectly crunchy, "famous" french fries.

 The occasion was Katy's birthday, the objective was those fancy fries and some even fancier drinks. Well, mission accomplished. To drink I ordered a Jack Rose, made with applejack and housemade grenadine. It was strong. Perhaps a little too strong for an alcohol wimp like me to enjoy. Also on the table was an Aviation for Katy (Plymouth Gin, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Lemon Juice, Creme de Violette) and I have no clue what Jessica ordered, I think she liked it?

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