NYC Food Round Up : Part 2

So on Wednesday and Thursday we tried out Shake Shack, Veselka and Momofuku Milk Bar. They were mostly winners so we were psyched for Friday!

We started our morning at The Breslin, the super hip April Bloomfield restaurant in the Ace Hotel. As you can probably tell from the following photos, it was quite dark inside the restaurant. It was full of dark wood and antlers, basically like a hipster version of an English Pub. Katy and I were surrounded by hungover industry types who were slightly annoying, but the food more than made up for it. And the coffee was good!


NYC Food Round Up : Part 1

How about some food porn? My bff Katy and I took a lovely trip to New York City at the end of April. We ate some pretty awesome food, mostly recommended by NYC bloggers, and had a ton of fun at museums, shows, etc. It was pretty fantastic!

We stayed at the Hotel Indigo in Chelsea which is just a short walk to Madison Square Garden. AKA home of the Shake Shack! Our flight got in on Wednesday around 2, we settled into the hotel around 3, and were out and about and hungry by 4. Since it was so early, there wasn't much of a line at Shake Shack. It was pretty chilly, but we decided to go for some custard anyway. Good call on our part!

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