Sugar Snap Pea Pickles

Oh man, it looks like I missed my blog-o-versary. Eat, repeat is now a little over three years old! Even more exciting, the blog just hit 100 RSS feed subscribers (now we're at 105!) which is awesome. Thanks so much to all of my readers and an extra special thanks to everyone who has commented on a post.

So! More pickles? I know, but I just can't help it. It's hot out and all I want to eat are cold briney salty crunchy veggies (although I wouldn't say no to some funnel cake from the fair, maybe.) In the last few weeks I've filled and re-filled so many jars of refrigerator pickles. Some better than others, but all pretty darn good. These peas definitely fall in the delicious category.


The Chocolate Moose

For a while the ice cream situation in downtown Bloomington was pretty dire. At least that's what everyone claimed. First the Jiffy Treat on Kirkwood closed down, then White Mountain (my family's go to spot for ice cream treats.) A Coldstone opened up for a while on Indiana Ave but didn't last long. And there's Blu Boy now, which is delicious, but not really an ice cream shop. But what everyone forgets is that The Chocolate Moose is just an eight minute walk from the courthouse.


Spiced Citrus Amaretto Peaches with Lemon Mascarpone and Cinnamon Sugar Tortas

I have no air conditioning in my kitchen. I usually don't mind so much, except when it's 90 degrees and humid for two weeks in a row. It makes it hard to summon the energy to cook. Today I knew I needed to make something that didn't require turning on my oven. Thank goodness there's so much gorgeous fruit available right now. These peaches called to me at the co-op, firm and sweet smelling with pretty dappled pink skin. Macerated in a spicy citrus and amaretto mixture, peaches turn golden and syrupy around the edges while keeping their fresh summery flavor.

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