Austin Food Roundup : Part 3

It's snowing sideways in Bloomington today, snowflakes coming down fast like rain. It's been over a month now since the trip. I can't help thinking that psychologically I've spread these posts out so I can re-live it all over again. Or maybe I'm just lazy. So, finally, day three of my lovely little trip to Austin.

Steph made us delicious yogurt parfaits for breakfast. Berries and dark chocolate peanut butter and granola and whipped honey and vanilla yogurt. Perfect way to start the day.


Mikado, Redux

For as long as I can remember I've hated writing. I wouldn't call myself a bad writer, just kind of uninspired and unimaginative. In school I was always the one to wait until the last possible minute to write a paper, staying up way too late to fulfill the minimum word count. And I hated it, I gave myself countless stress migraines avoiding assignments then, finally, agonizing over every word. In college, I scoured class descriptions and syllabi to find the courses that didn't require long papers and essays. I thought if I was writing about something I really enjoyed (food!) it would be easier. It is, at least a little bit. But not quite enough.


Austin Food Round Up : Part 2

The second day of my whirlwind Austin trip involved more delicious Mexican food and 100% more food trucks! Steph started us out Saturday morning with a fantastic frittata full of tomatoes, artichoke hearts and spinach. Plus some yummy fresh fruit and yogurt.

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