Little Tibet

I wrote in an earlier post that Samira is the best restaurant in Bloomington. Well, I love Samira but my favorite restaurant in Bloomington is Little Tibet. They serve mostly Tibetan and Thai food, with a little Indian thrown in. Like many of the ethnic restaurants on 4th street, Little Tibet is located in the first floor of a house. It's a bit cramped inside, but still cozy and inviting. In the summer you can also sit outside on the porch or patio.

Little Tibet serves both Thai and Indian style curries. All three Thai curries; red, yellow, and green, are delicious. But my favorite, and the reason I keep going back to Little Tibet, is the Red Curry. It's amazing. Super creamy, a bit sweet 'n spicy and has amazing depth of flavor. The standard veggies are carrots, zucchini, bamboo shoots and green beans. The Green Curry is very good as well, it's more herb-y with a definite cilantro presence. The Yellow Curry is pretty basic, but done really well. For all of the Thai curries you get to pick your protein: chicken, beef, shrimp or tofu. I usually get the tofu, which is really light and fluffy, or the chicken.

Little Tibet makes a variety of Momos, Tibetan Dumplings. My family usually orders the Tsel momo, which is filled with cabbage and other veggies. Katy likes the ShoGo momo, it has a potato and onion filling. If you order just "momo" you'll get a beef filling, they also have pork, chicken and cheese varieties. By default they're served steamed, but you can order them pan fried. You can also order half and half. Half fried, half steamed. Half Tsel, Half ShoGo. However you want! They come with a little hot sauce and a little soy sauce for dipping.

At dinnertime entrees are served with a small salad and cup of soup. You can pick one or the other at lunch. The soup is usually a yellow lentil with a bit of cilantro. Nice, but not amazing. The veggie part of the salad isn't particularly exciting, just a bit of lettuce, carrot, cucumber, and red onion. But the salad dressing is fantastic. It's a homemade ginger and sesame style dressing, sweet but with enough acid to be balanced.

They also have some nice appetizers, I like their Chicken Satay. It's grilled and served with a traditional creamy peanut sauce. They also make some yummy Samosas. They're lighter and fluffier than Indian samosas and less heavily spiced. As for beverage options, Little Tibet makes delicious Indian Tea, aka Chai. It's probably not at all traditional but it's sweet and creamy and perfect on snowy days. Their Mango Lassies are also fantastic.

Basically if you live in Bloomington you should be eating at Little Tibet. Not only is it delicious, but it's also pretty cheap. Lunch, especially, is a great deal. Around $6.99 for a lunch portion, plus soup or salad. And dinner is pretty reasonable as well. Entrees are around $8-$12. Definitely cheaper than Esan Thai, Bombay House, or Shanti.

Anyetsang's Little Tibet
415 E 4th St
Bloomington, IN 47408
(812) 331-0122


  1. Today I decided to try Thai for the first time around Bloomington (well, not first time -- I've had it before but never liked it) so I finally tried Little Tibet and got the red curry and Somas because of your review and WOAH are they good. (Along with a Mago Lassi!) Thank you so much for this review!

  2. There's also a Little Tibet in my neighborhood. They serve excellent De Thuk soup and my personal favorite: Juema sausages made from yak blood. But nothing beats eating authentic Tibetan food in Tibet, of course. If you have the chance, you should experience it for yourself.

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