The Naughty Dog

A brand new hot dog restaurant just opened up in Bloomington called the Naughty Dog. Pretty cute name I think, and the food was pretty good too! Extra awesome were the coupons distributed with the weekly grocery circulars. Apparently there are also coupons in the local newspaper as well. An important thing to note is that The Naughty Dog is cash only (*** Anon commenter just reported that they are now accepting credit cards, but I have not confirmed***)! We popped in then right back out to make an atm run.

The layout of the restaurant is a little awkward. It's quite narrow, without much space to wait in line to order or pick up your food. We got there just in time, by the time we were done eating there were quite a few people waiting. The food was obviously made to order because the wait was at least 5-10 minutes. It seemed like cashier was just getting used to the new cash register as I had to repeat my order a few times while she figured out the buttons. She also got a little confused about my coupons. I'm sure once the staff settles into the building and gets familiar with the menu the wait will decrease and things will run more smoothly.

For $4.99 (with my coupon) I got two hot dogs with my choice of 2 toppings each and a side. You can order your hot dog cooked a bunch of different ways; grilled, dirty (blackened on the grill), steamed, deep fried, and deep fried for so long it splits! I got one dirty dog with brown mustard and one grilled dog with yellow mustard and a dill pickle. They were both quite yummy, though I preferred the extra crispyness of the dirty dog. You can select the size of your hot dog, I had regular which was quite substantial. The other options are jumbo (1/4 lb), big beefy (1/2 lb), stretched (10 in), veggie dog, or bratwurst. There are also a bunch of signature dogs on the menu to choose from, like the Chicago dog, Chili Dog, Bacon Cheese dog, etc if you're not feeling fancy or creative enough to construct your own dog.

Chris ordered the Big Beefy sized New York Dog, which was ginormous! Probably as wide as his chest. Topped with sauerkraut, an oniony sauce, and brown mustard, he liked it! Katy got the veggie dog - Chicago style! So neon green relish, raw onions, tomato, mini hot peppers, mustard, and pickle. Besides your choice of hot dog and preparation you also get to pick your bun. White, wheat, or poppy seed served plain, steamed or toasted. I had mine toasted which added a nice charred flavor but stayed soft from the heat of dog and the foil wrapper. The only thing that I was a little disappointed with was that they automatically added ketchup to both of my hot dogs. Which I didn't order. In general I am pretty anti-ketchup on hot dogs, I find it makes them a little too sweet. Luckily there wasn't a lot of ketchup, but if you're anti like me, you might want to request no ketchup.

As for sides we had the french fries/cheese fries. They were pretty good, nothing special. The cheese fries were a little better, the generic nacho cheese made them a bit more interesting. Next time I'll try the homemade seasoned corn chips. Maybe the soup or chili. Or nachos! And perhaps the deep fried dog, or if I'm feeling dangerous, the splitter!

REMEMBER, CASH ONLY! (***But maybe not anymore!***)

The Naughty Dog
3860 W 3rd St
Bloomington, IN 47404
(812) 330-6888
Website + Menu


  1. These are awesome photos! Would love to try their hot dogs. We made a video of how to make a chicago style hot dog on our blog.

  2. Neat-o blog. Love the content and the pictures. What camera do you use?

  3. Thanks Hillary!

    Heather - Thanks, I use a Nikon D60!

  4. What a beautiful (and scrumptious) blog you have! While in Kauai, last year, we ate at Puka Dogs. How I wish we had those in California. Love hot dogs, even though they are naughty.

    Kudos to your photography. Sometimes I visit blogs just to see the pictures. I'm hungry now.


  5. Naughty Dog is now taking credit Debit cards!!! It's a great lunch place on west side.

  6. Thanks so much Debby! How I would love to visit Kauai, and perhaps sample some hot dogs ;)

    Thanks anon! That is very good to know!

  7. checking it out today due to the scrumptious pics

    thanks for the pics

  8. Aubrey, I'd like to invite you to check out Naughty Dog again.

    I am currently in the works of re-designing their website at http://www.naughtydoghotdogs.com

    I hope to have the new design out soon and it will be loaded with great pictures of the dogs =D

    And they do in fact take Debit/Credit now. Additionally look for them to open new locations around Monroe County and possibly other areas in the near future.

  9. Forgot to mention:


    Facebook for Naughty Dog...

    The new pictures are already posted there. Special thanks to Tim Kroskie, http://www.geocities.com/tim_kroskie/ our food photographer.

  10. Thanks for the review. I think we'll be going here for dinner. :-D

  11. I finally made it here and tried the Slaw Dog (Cole slaw and sliced tomatoes). Really yummy...


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