NYC Food Round Up : Part 1

How about some food porn? My bff Katy and I took a lovely trip to New York City at the end of April. We ate some pretty awesome food, mostly recommended by NYC bloggers, and had a ton of fun at museums, shows, etc. It was pretty fantastic!

We stayed at the Hotel Indigo in Chelsea which is just a short walk to Madison Square Garden. AKA home of the Shake Shack! Our flight got in on Wednesday around 2, we settled into the hotel around 3, and were out and about and hungry by 4. Since it was so early, there wasn't much of a line at Shake Shack. It was pretty chilly, but we decided to go for some custard anyway. Good call on our part!

I had the ShackBurger. Basically just a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and Shack Sauce on a squishy toasted bun, done perfectly. Mine was still a little pink in the middle, so it was extra juicy and delicious.

The fries were good, well seasoned, but a little cold by the time they got to us.

Katy had the Second City Bird Dog, a chicken hot dog with all the Chicago dog fixins. She liked it! All the veggies were fresh and tasty.

The custard of the day was Strawberry Blonde. Totally delicious. Rich and creamy with a perfect balance of strawberry and cheesecake flavors. After Shake Shack we headed down up to Times Square to attempt lottery tickets for American Idiot on Broadway. We won front row tickets ($27 each) and it was a blast!

Thursday morning we spent a few hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, thoroughly exhausting our brains and, especially, our feet. We went back south to the East Village for a late lunch/early dinner at Veselka plus some dessert at Momofuku Milk Bar.

At Veselka we shared a "small" plate of pierogies. One potato, one cheese, one arugula&goat cheese, one sweet potato. They were quite tasty. My faves were the cheese and the sweet potato, it tasted like there was a hint of curry in the sweet potato mix.

I also had the Veselka burger, medium rare with cheddar cheese. It was super good, with a nicely charred crust and moist pink interior. I especially liked the sesame seed bun, which was just spongy enough to soak up all of the burger juices.

Katy ordered the House Smoked Turkey BLT which she liked well enough. Good quality ingredients, tasted good, but nothing super special. Veselka had tons of delicious looking desserts and pastries in their display case, but we were had our mission : Momofuku Milk Bar.

We were pretty stuffed from lunch but we both wanted to try some soft serve. Momofuku won't do two flavors in one cup, so we decided to each get one despite our lack of hunger. I had the Cereal Milk soft serve with some Cinnamon Streusel Topping, which I had been dying to try for months, while Katy got the Cinnamon Bun flavor.

Hmmm, well, I wasn't as impressed with our desserts as I'd hoped. The cereal milk flavor definitely tasted like cereal milk, just slightly sweet and nicely corn-y. But it was kind of icy and didn't feel as rich as it should have been. Katy's Cinnamon Bun version was a little better, much smoother and richer, but also surprisingly salty. Maybe it was just the deliciousness of the custard from Shake Shack throwing us off. We only ended up eating about half of each cup.

We also got some cookies to go, Chocolate Chocolate and Marshmallow Cornflake Chocolate Chip (no pictures sorry!). We enjoyed the cookies a lot more than the ice cream. The Chocolate Chocolate was super decadent, almost like a brownie. The Marshmallow Cornflake was delicious. It had wonderful texture, chewy from the marshmallow, crunchy from the cereal, and rich from the chocolate. It was also a bit salty, but the balance of flavors worked much better with the cookie than the Cinnamon Bun soft serve.

For our evening entertainment we had $20 nosebleed seats at the opening of the Spring NYC Ballet. It was fun and beautiful and we got to ogle Sarah Jessica Parker!

More to come!


  1. Wow, that's waaaaay too much good food. I'm jealous!!

    I love vacations in that they are the only real excuse I ever get to stuff my face with everything in sight.

  2. Sounds like a pretty amazing time. How can you beat many burgers and frozen treats. Isn't Shake Shack just the shit? Went there in March and have been dreaming of it since. Visited the UWS location after visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Didn't wait longer than 20 minutes total and was inside the whole time so that was a bonus.

  3. @Amie - And that's just the first 2 days! I was just so excited to try out restaurants that I'd been reading about on blogs for months!

    @lucysmom - It was totally amazing. And Shake Shack was fantastic, I've been thinking of my burger for days... We were actually originally planning to go to the UWS location after our Met trip!! But then we realized how close the Madison Square Garden one was :D


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