Bloomington Sandwich Company

I keep wanting to use the acronym BSC for Bloomington Sandwich Company. But around here BSC stands for Bloomington Swim Club. And to a child of the 90s like me, I totally associate BSC with Ann M. Martin's classic Babysitter's Club series (man, I loved those books.) So to avoid confusion I mostly just call it Sandwich company. I meant to write about the restaurant months and months ago, way back in 2009. But the restaurant closed suddenly in 2010, for most of the year. Then, finally, in December it popped back up in a larger and much nicer location. Now it's back to being one of the best lunch spots in Bloomington.

My fave sandwich is the Muffaletta. The salty briney olive salad is great with melty provolone and thick stack of meat (ham, turkey, salami!) I'm also a fan of the BSC Corned Beef with spicy mustard. They also do a traditional corned beef on swirly rye, but I don't really like rye bread so I prefer the french bun.

Sandwich company makes some fantastic curly fries. They're fried to order, so they always arrive fresh and piping hot at your table.

The shoestring fries are good - but not as good as the curly fries.

Katy's standard order is the Grilled Ham & Swiss on whole wheat. It comes on your choice of bread with sliced red onions. I like mine on sourdough, minus the onions, plus spicy mustard. The mustard cuts right through the rich saltiness of the cheese and ham but isn't so spicy that it burns up your sinuses. I've also gotten positive reports on the Italian Beef, Classic Reuben, and BSC Club. I'm excited to try out their BLT once summer comes and the good tomatoes arrive.

The deli meat plus melty cheese combo of most of the sandwiches can result in bit of a salt bomb, so sometimes it's nice to switch it up with a salad. Lately I've been ordering, and really liking, the side Caesar Salad. The romaine lettuce is always super fresh and I love that they use little croutons and chop the lettuce to bite size so the salad is easy to eat. My mom and sister really like the Greek salad. It's huge, with tons of veggies, olives, pepperocinis, and, of course, feta cheese.

Onion rings are also on the menu, not that I've ever ordered them myself. They also usually have two daily soups, plus chili. I've had the shrimp bisque and chicken noodle. I wasn't particularly impressed with either, though I have heard good things about the chili.

One of the best, and most unique, things about Sandwich Company is their Italian ice. They have two flavors every day and almost always offer you a generous sample at the end of your meal. I've had peach, pomegranate, lemon, blackberry, cherry and tons of other flavors, you can't really go wrong. And the service is kind of amazing. You order at the counter but the food is delivered to your table. The staff keeps a close eye on the dining room, ready to take away empty baskets, refill cups, and bring out samples. The owner (who's almost always there taking orders or managing the kitchen) has clearly made customer service a priority.

Bloomington Sandwich Company
118 E Kirkwood Ave
Bloomington, IN 47408
(812) 330-9611
Website + Menu

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