Venice - A Gray Day

Empty sidewalks in Venice's Cannaregio neighborhood.

I really lucked out weather-wise during my trip to Venice. Most of my days were full of sunshine and sea breezes.But there were some misty mornings, one gray afternoon, and a rainy evening in the mix. Venice in the rain is a different kind of magical. The precipitation slicks up the alleys and courtyards, bringing out hundreds of years of grit and grime. The city feels older and the tourists thin out. And the locals emerge, reeling in their laundry and shopping with their umbrellas. So, if you're stuck in the rain on Venice don't despair. Visit as many churches as you can stand, breaking for a gelato at every stop. That's why every gelateria has an awning after all.

The church of Madonna dell'Orto in the neighborhood of Cannaregio in Venice, Italy
A view of Isola San Michele from the Vaporetto in Venice.
A well worn door step in the neighborhood of Cannaregio.
Every day is laundry day in alleys of Venice.
Some Venetian artichokes await their fate.
A fior di latte gelato at Ca d' Oro gelateria in Venice, Italy.
Modest dress is required when visiting churches in Venice!
A rainy sunset in Venice.
Even in the rain it's all about the gelato in Venice.


  1. Venice still looks beautiful despite the rain! What type of camera do you use, your photos look gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Kristen! I use a Nikon D7000, primarily with two lenses a 35 mm 1.8 and a 11-14 mm 2.8 Tokina wide angle.

  2. I always dread going somewhere special like this and finding its a stinker of a day. The photos still look great though. I guess it would take a lot more than some rain to stop Venice being special

    1. Thanks Robert! I tend to travel in spring and fall when rainy weather is always a risk, so I always worry about weather when I'm planning a trip. But I just try to pack appropriately and deal with each day at a time, planning museum visits for riskier weather days!


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