The Colors of Burano - Wordless Wednesdays

Painted houses line the canals of Burano, a short boat ride away from Venice, Italy.
Many colorful houses in Burano have a little surprise in the windowsill, gnomes!
A gnome takes a break outside a peachy pink house in Burano, Italy.
A curious orange cat stops in a Burano alley.
The purple houses in Burano were my favorites.
Diners relax on the canalside patio of one of Burano's most popular restaurants, Il Gato Nero.
Sharing a bike ride through Burano's main plaza.
The campanile at the main church on the island of Burano, leans just like the tower of Pisa.
More colorful Burano paint jobs.
The pinkest house in Burano, Italy.
Laundry casts dark shadows in the bright sunlight on the island of Burano.
A family of reading gnomes enjoy their private Burano windowsill.

Pintura fresca, or wet paint, on one of Burano's colorful houses.
A gnome swings from the windowsill in the middle of Burano, Italy.

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