Snapshots from Spain - Churros for Donut Day!

A platter of churros served with drinking chocolate in Sevilla, Spain.

Happy Donut Day! What's your favorite type of donut? I'm partial to a sugary Cinnamon Twist or a classic Glazed Ring, yeasted all the way! But since my last trip to Southern Spain, I've developed a taste for churros. And who wouldn't? These fried treats are traditional breakfast fare in Andalucia and almost always paired with a mug of molten chocolate.

The Metropol Parasol casts architectural shadows in Sevilla.
Piping hot drinking chocolate served alongside fried churros.

Spanish churros are a relatively simple affair. Barely sweet batter is extruded in a spiral straight into hot oil, then chopped up into (hopefully) piping hot batons right before being served. Like the churros, the drinking chocolate isn't particularly sweet. Instead it comes with a packet of sugar so you can doctor it to your tastes. On their own the chocolate and churros are both a little plain. It's the combination of chewy-crisp doughnut dunked in hot chocolate that's so special.

A fresh platter of churros from Sevilla's La Centuria cafe right under Las Setas.
Churros and chocolate, a perfect pair, Sevilla's breakfast of champions.

There are tons of cafes in Sevilla serving up churros and chocolate. I chose this one for it's location, right in the shade of Las Setas. There were lots of locals dining inside and out, so I took that as a good sign before snagging a table. That was my first mistake. I was quickly corrected by a waitress who pointed me towards the window counter where I could place my order. My second error was simply asking for churros y chocolate, which got me a huge, sharing size platter of churros. I was barely able to finish half of the huge portion which, luckily, only cost a few euros. Other than the minor language and culture confusions, it was a lovely way to start the day.

A cafe near Las Setas, or the Metropol Parasol, in the heart of Sevilla, Spain.
A waiter at La Centuria Cafe in Sevilla, Spain, prepares freshly fried churros.
A delicious cup of drinking chocolate from a cafe in Sevilla, Andalucia.
A group of students enjoy a picnic breakfast on the steps of Las Setas in Sevilla.

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