Wordless Wednesdays - A Sunset Stroll in London

A sunset walk along the Thames leads straight to London's Big Ben.
A little London bokeh.
Mirrored bubbles in a shop window near London's Mayfair neighborhood.
You can many of find Britain's iconic red telephone boxes near London's Big Ben.
An ornate lamppost along the banks of London's River Thames.
The posh Mayfair neighborhood in London features many fancy shops that were out of our price range.
Union Jack banners line London's pricey Mayfair shopping district.
It's easy to walk from London's Trafalgar Square straight to Big Ben and the banks of the Thames.
Even at night London's Marble Arch is full of action.


  1. Such a nice place for visit. thanks for posting nice views.

  2. Wow, stunning pictures! You captured the wildness and the real vibe of London perfectly. You should print these photos off and sell as postcards, seriously! :-)


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