Paris in Instagram - Wordless Wednesdays

Sunset at the I.M. Pei's glass pyramid at the Louvre.
Eat these. Macarons at Pierre Herme.
Stunning stained glass at chapel Sainte-Chapelle.
My first baguette in Paris, conveniently purchased from the boulangerie across the street from my airbnb.
Paris parks are very dusty.
Ping Pong Party at the Pompidou Centre.
Bats in the opera, gorgeous ceilings at Palais Garnier.
So much seafood, an oyster feast in Paris.
Church of Saint-Ambroise, plus a metro stop, just steps from my Airbnb apartment.
Out of control salad in Montmarte.
A rainy day is perfect for museums.
Always look up, especially in the Louvre.
360 degrees of Monet's Waterlilies at L'Orangerie.
The Eiffel Tower, as seen from the Arc de Triumphe.

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