Finch's Brasserie

Finch's Brasserie recently replaced Trulli Flatbread on Kirkwood, reopening with a new name, owner and chef. I only went to Trulli once, and it was pretty good not super special. Christine, Ginny, and I shared a flatbread (fancypants pizza) with roasted asparagus, leeks, and mushrooms. We ate outside on the patio which is quite nice and great for people watching. Finch's keeps the patio as well as the extensive beer and wine selection and the flatbreads, now called pizzettas. The inside is nice, contemporary but with lots of warm woods and rich paint colors. Prices are pretty flexible, you can get away without spending too much by ordering the pizzettas or pastas. The entree prices are pretty reasonable as well, ranging from around $13 to $30. If you're familiar with Bloomington restaurants, I'd say prices are more than Uptown but less than Farm.

Christine, Stephanie, and I ate at Finch's last month and had a really nice meal. The menu is pretty large including a nice selection of appetizers, the pizzettas, some pasta, and a create your own entree type of deal. Christine and I had the soup of the day which was a delicious corn chowder. The corn was super fresh, sweet and crunchy. And the broth was creamy with potatoes and, possibly, leeks. I think this was the first time using my new camera, so I spent extra time taking too many mediocre pictures instead of eating. I wasn't done when they brought out the entrees :/

Stephanie had the Asparagus Pasta. It was orecchiette with fresh asparagus, sugar snap pees, and other green veggies in a nice lemony sauce. Christine and I both chose to create our own entrees. You choose from a list of proteins and pair them with a sauce, vegetable, and starch. It was kind of tricky to make yourself a cohesive meal and neither Christine or I really completely succeeded... But we did succeed in ordering very yummy food, even if our entrees didn't pair perfectly with our sides.

Christine ordered the halibut which she paired with the Lemon Beurre Blanc sauce, asparagus, and macaroni and cheese. The fish was perfectly cooked and sauce was delicious. The mac and cheese was good, but not memorable. I knew I wanted the Seared Tuna, but I had a difficult time picking the sauce, none of them seemed quite appropriate. I'm pretty sure I chose the red wine reduction, although I can't really remember. Anyway, it was very good. The portion was large, especially with the huge pile of pommes frites I had as my side. I also had the asparagus which was good if not particularly exciting.

For dessert we shared the Marscapone Ice Cream with figs and balsamic drizzle. The ice cream was really tasty but a little too hard. And the figs were yummy with the balsamic but maybe a bit too acidic. All in all it was a very good meal and I would like to go back. BUT, I think I would rather have the chef plan out my meal because that's his job. I may be a foodie in training but I don't have much cooking experience, so I'd rather just leave it to the experts.

Finch's Brasserie
514 E Kirkwood Ave
, IN

(812) 333-2700

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