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Mariann introduced us to Tsunami last spring when we were in town to see Arcade Fire. The sushi was delicious that first time and has been equally satisfying on the several occasions we've visited since. Tsunami is a fairly swanky spot in the Gold Coast area of Chicago. It's much larger than it appears, with back rooms and seating on the 2nd floor. They also have a nice patio with doors opening to the main dining room. It is a bit pricey, but in line with other Japanese restaurants of similar caliber. Tsunami has a nice selection of vegetarian and seafood rolls as well as a full menu of other Japanese specialties. The reviews on Yelp are rather mixed, but I definitely recommend it if you are looking for sushi in Chicago.

There were five of us so we ordered a bunch of rolls to share. The best thing about ordering sushi in bulk is that they bring it out on a big boat!

All of the rolls we ordered were good, but several were outstanding. The White Tiger was Mariann's favorite. It had spicy salmon and asparagus inside and white tuna, mango, and a honey mayo sauce on top. My two faves were the Tsunami Maki and the Volcano Roll. The Tsunami Maki surprised me because it didn't look super exciting, but the filling (shrimp, scallops, kani kama, masago, & scallion) was flavored with sesame and soy which was unexpected but delicious. The Volcano Roll is filled with salmon and shrimp then covered in a yummy spicy mayo sauce and broiled.

The Rainbow Roll was nice because of its simplicity, you could really taste the freshness of the different varieties of fish. We ordered tons of stuff with mango inside and on top, it seems to work really well with seafood, adding a nice sweetness. The Ebi Tango Maki was covered in mango with shrimp tempura, cucumber, and avocado inside. The only roll we ordered that was made with brown rice was the Bora Bora also featured mango inside. The filling of the Aloha Roll also had mango, as well as tuna and avocado plus wasabi mayo on top. We also ordered the Goma Ae Maki, which is very spinachy with a nice sesame sauce.

Tsunami also has some pretty good mixed drinks. When we ate there last November Mariann and I each got drunk off just one drink, they're that strong!. I was so tipsy that, post-dinner, I visited the atm and forgot my debit card in the machine (luckily it got sucked back in, not stolen). This time we had some fruity mojitos. Mariann had the raspberry version while Christine and I had mango. The raspberry drink was much stronger, at least it tasted stronger. The mango mojito was sweeter so maybe it masked the alcohol a bit better because it still got light-weight me tipsy.

1160 N Dearborn St
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 642-9911
Flashy website + menu

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