NYC Food Round Up : Part 3

On Saturday Katy and I headed straight for Chinatown after a quick coffee stop at Starbucks. We wandered around for a while, buying Asian candy and miscellaneous little dishes and souvenirs. And then we headed for Prosperity Dumpling.

We spend $3.75 total for 5 fried pork&chive dumplings, a sesame pancake, and 10 boiled pork&chive dumplings. It was cheap and tasty and awesome! I liked the pan fried dumplings best for the little crust on the bottom.

The Sesame pancake was also super delicious. Crispy and nutty from the sesame seeds but still chewy and dense inside. So good.

Katy preferred the boiled dumplings because they were a little juicier than the fried. Of course, we doused everything in soy sauce/vinegar/sriracha. Quite yummy. And all the better for the cheapness!

Before leaving Chinatown Katy and I shared a little coconut. Yum!

We had an early dinner at another blogger favorite, Motorino, in the East Village. We had the Brussel Sprouts and Pancetta pizza. It was delicious. I loved how the leaves of the brussel sprouts got crispy and charred. They were so good with the salty pancetta.

For our second pie we ordered the Colatura di Alici. It was really like a salad on pizza crust. Fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, parsley, anchovies, olives and red onion. The ingredients were all fantastic quality and super fresh. But, they were kind of wet and the crust got very soggy, very fast. The first few slices were delicious but by the end of the pizza it was a bit of a mess. I think if the crust had been a little more well done it would have held up better, it wasn't nearly as charred as the Brussel Sprout pizza.

After some more shopping and touristy business, Katy and I headed back out for dessert. L'Arte Del Gelato in the West Village definitely satisfied our sweet tooth. It was so yummy that we dug right in without taking pictures first. Katy had chocolate of some sort, very good, plus passion fruit. The passion fruit hurt her tongue (it's geographic, so tangy things can be a bit painful) but she still thought it was quite tasty, very fruity.

I had spicy chocolate and mascarpone. They were both fantastic! The spicy chocolate was incredibly rich and dark, just barely sweet, with a spicy kick at the end. And the mascarpone was basically like the best cheesecake imaginable in gelato form. Seriously delicious. I also like how they put a tiny bite of a third flavor right on top. In the first pic you can see just a smidgen of Uva (grape!) sorbetto.

One more post and then we'll be done with NYC! Of course, it's been over two months, oh well.


  1. What did the "spicyness" of the spicy chocolate gelato taste like? A hot chili pepper spice, or a cinnamon-clove spice etc?

  2. Spicy as in chili pepper spice! Though there was probably a bit of cinnamon in the mix too.


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