Mikado, Redux

For as long as I can remember I've hated writing. I wouldn't call myself a bad writer, just kind of uninspired and unimaginative. In school I was always the one to wait until the last possible minute to write a paper, staying up way too late to fulfill the minimum word count. And I hated it, I gave myself countless stress migraines avoiding assignments then, finally, agonizing over every word. In college, I scoured class descriptions and syllabi to find the courses that didn't require long papers and essays. I thought if I was writing about something I really enjoyed (food!) it would be easier. It is, at least a little bit. But not quite enough.

I love reading blogs with beautiful writing (Orangette) and fun, interesting stories (The Girl Who Ate Everything) but I've determined that words will never be my strength. As it stands I stress unnecessarily about new posts and end up waiting months to share new photos. Not a good system! So, I'm going to try a different approach: more pictures, fewer words. Hopefully this will encourage me to post more quickly and more frequently.

I reviewed Mikado a long while back (July, 2008) and I still think it's the best sushi in Bloomington. In the last few months I've eaten there several times and taken a few pictures here and there. Just a little note, one of my absolute favorite rolls, The Hulk, isn't pictured here but is super delicious. So, without (many) further words, here's some food porn.

I can't remember the name of this roll but I enjoyed it. I just wish it wasn't so big, I far prefer sushi rolled long, thin, and perfectly bite-sized.

Summer Strawberry Roll. It's on the menu all year round now, probably because it's so popular, but it's definitely best in the Summer when the strawberries are in season.

Another roll whose name I can't recall. It's just fish, green onion, and rice wrapped in rice paper instead of nori. Not my favorite but Mariann really likes the simplicity of it.

One of my favorites is the Dreamsicle Roll, inside are some tempura bits and eel sauce. It has a nice balance of crunchy-salty-sweet.

Asparagus Tempura Roll - always good to round out an order.

Mikado Japanese Restaurant
895 South College Mall Road
Bloomington, IN 47401
(812) 333-1950

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