Austin Food Round Up : Part 2

The second day of my whirlwind Austin trip involved more delicious Mexican food and 100% more food trucks! Steph started us out Saturday morning with a fantastic frittata full of tomatoes, artichoke hearts and spinach. Plus some yummy fresh fruit and yogurt.

We had a late lunch at Mr. Natural, a vegetarian restaurant that serves cafeteria style Mexican food for lunch along with regular menu items at dinner. My tamales were delicious, one filled with jalapeno and cheese, the other stuffed with pinto beans. On the side, my black beans were very good and the Mexican rice was surprisingly flavorful despite the frozen mixed veggies.

Stephanie had the Tofu Pipian plus rice, potato salad, and a gordita. Jessica picked the Tofu Milanesa with rice, black beans, and potato salad.

After lunch, and a little bit of vintage shopping, we saw Black Swan at the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar. Alamo Drafthouses are pretty awesome, they're movie theaters that serve food and alcohol during the movie. They show regular movies as well as host special event screenings and older movies. On Stephanie's recommendation, Jess and I both ordered the Guinness Milkshake. Oh man it was good. Something about the combo of vanilla ice cream and Guinness is like creamy bittersweet heaven (here's the recipe!) No pictures obviously because it was dark in the theater and flash photography is certainly not allowed. Jessica and I also had fresh popped popcorn corn with REAL butter, yum.

Later Saturday evening we went to The Highball, which was hosting the city karaoke championship. So we watched some crazy kids sing some crazy songs in some crazy costumes. It was a lot of fun but team Sparkle Motion was totally robbed. Their performance of 'More than Words,' featuring the epic love between Harry Potter and Dumbledore, was pretty amazing. After karaoke ended there was some dancing and some drinking (Black Raspberry Fizz, so good) and then some donuts.

We were kind of starving by the time we left the Highball around midnight. Luckily, just across the street from was a little food truck trailer park. Gourdough's is an amazing food truck that fries up made to order donuts with crazy delicious toppings. It was the only truck open at such a late hour, but it was exactly what we wanted. Jessica had the Sara's Joy, which has coconut filling, fudge icing and more coconut flakes on top. Stephanie picked the Funky Monkey which is topped with carmelized bananas, brown sugar, and cream cheese icing.

I wanted to try two flavors so I ordered the Miss Shortcake and Flying Pig. Miss Shortcake is topped with cream cheese icing and fresh sliced strawberries while the Flying pig is slathered with maple syrup icing and crispy, salty bacon. These donuts were huge, but so worth it. Despite our collective hunger nobody finished their donut, I ate maybe 1/3-1/2 of each of mine. You can also create your own donut with any of toppings on the menu or even add a scoop of ice cream (talk about overkill, I can't even imagine.)

More food trucks and even more Mexican food (saved the best for last, tacos!) up next from Sunday, the final day of our trip.

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