Upland Brewing Co, Redux

Upland is (still) one of my favorite Bloomington restaurants. It's popular with locals and students, so it can get super busy, loud, and kind of uncomfortable. But the food is good and the beer is even better.

Upland Wheat is the beer that taught me how to drink beer. It's at its absolute best ice cold and straight from the tap at the brewery/restaurant. And there's no better reward for finishing a pint than the juicy, beer-soaked orange wedge at the bottom of your glass.

Tempura Spicy Tuna Rolls - I didn't love these. And for $8.95 I'd rather just save my money, and appetite, for some real spicy tuna rolls (or, better yet, spicy salmon rolls) from Japanee or Mikado.

Eggplant Caponata, served with some creamy goat cheese. Katy enjoyed it, but I'm not big on Eggplant in this form.

Mushroom and Pepper Veggie Melt Sandwich. And a sad pickle.

Hoosier Classic Pork Tenderloin Sandwich, yum!

Mahi Mahi Fish tacos, a bit heavy on the pickled onions but the nicely blackened fish and creamy chipotle sauce more than make up for it.

The best Fish & Chips in Bloomington. Perfectly battered and crisp outside, moist and tender inside.

Upland Brewing Co
350 West 11th Street
Bloomington, IN 47404-3720
(812) 336-2337
Website + Menu
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  1. What an eclectic menu! Wow, those fish and chips look amazing. Nothing worse than fried fish that has a limp crust. This, however, looks the picture of crisp perfection.

  2. Oh my goodness, you're making me homesick. I was born and raised in Indiana...and went to IU for my undergraduate degree. My husband and I used to LOVE to go to Upland...and their wheat ale (with the slice of orange) is still the only beer I've ever enjoyed. Thanks for the walk down memory lane today:)

  3. @Carolyn - It is quite eclectic, especially the entree menu which we didn't even order from!

    @Jamie - I'm so glad I could bring back some good memories! There's not much better than a fresh pint of wheat with a slice of orange, especially at sunset on the Upland patio!

  4. This dishes look delicious. I bet they taste the same. I would love to eat them all! :D I don't care about the calories! Taste is the king! :D

  5. @Paula - Thanks, they were! Especially the fish&chips.


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