The Chocolate Moose

For a while the ice cream situation in downtown Bloomington was pretty dire. At least that's what everyone claimed. First the Jiffy Treat on Kirkwood closed down, then White Mountain (my family's go to spot for ice cream treats.) A Coldstone opened up for a while on Indiana Ave but didn't last long. And there's Blu Boy now, which is delicious, but not really an ice cream shop. But what everyone forgets is that The Chocolate Moose is just an eight minute walk from the courthouse.

Well, not everyone forgets, because if the temperature is over 75 degrees, there's a line at The Chocolate Moose. And while my family usually chose White Mountain when I was little, I have plenty of memories of waiting in an endless line at The Moose for my ice cream. Of course, when you're eight years old any wait for ice cream is interminable. I have no idea what I used to order back then but I have a feeling it involved a sugar cone and vanilla soft serve.

Just last month, I had a fun and very successful senior portrait session with my friend Jessica's little sister, Christy. Afterwards their mom, Catherine, was nice enough to treat us to some ice cream. We had to wait fifteen or so minutes on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. Although it did seem a little longer as we got caught in the middle of a rather tense townie v. college student throw down. But what were those college girls thinking, trying to cut in line in front of children?

Feeling nostalgic, I got some vanilla soft serve, gussied up with a chocolate and nut dip. It was damn pretty but... Have I outgrown vanilla soft serve? Did they change the formula? What I've always loved about soft serve is the smooth smooth texture and slightly artificial vanilla flavor. Now it seems a bit icy and kind of lacking flavor. Maybe Häagen-Dazs has spoiled me forever. Our cones were still pretty good, but it just didn't taste like I remembered.

Oh, I'll be back, and next time I'll get the homemade Grasshopper ice cream. Jessica did enjoy her Moose Chocolate cone after all. Or maybe a strawberry milkshake. A dole whip? Apple pie sundae? And what is this that the website says? Upland is serving a homemade Moose Flavor, Bacon Maple Ice Cream? Good thing there's plenty of time left this summer.

The Chocolate Moose

401 South Walnut Street
Bloomington, IN 47401
(812) 333-0475
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  1. This is the most smooth soft-serve I've ever seen, I LOVE it. Those wrappers are adorable.


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