Wordless Wednesdays - Sunny Barcelona

A sunrise arrival into Barcelona, Spain.
Cadafalch's stunning Casa Amattler is often overshadowed by its neighbor, Gaudi's Casa Battlo.
The vastness of Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia must be seen in person.
park windows
The Columbus Monument in Barcelona provides 360 degree views of the beautiful city.
Barcelona's famous market, La Boqueria, is full of colorful, gourmet goods.
Busy Barcelona at sunset.
Barcelona is full of stunning architecture, check out the beautiful balconies and windows, not to mention the stunning wall texture, of this building.
A vertical tram ride up the mountain monastery at Montserrat.
A quiet spot along the mountains of Montserrat.
Visitors place fresh flowers in the hand of an angel statue at Montserrat, Spain.
The breathtaking mountains of Montserrat, Spain.
Colorful prayer candles are lit at a small chapel at Montserrat.
A fence is all that keeps visitors on the right side of the mountains at Montserrat.
A sunny day hiking the mountains of Montserrat.


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