Prague in Instagram - Wordless Wednesdays

Prague's iconic Charles Bridge on a misty morning in the Czech Republic.
A delightful breakfast at Cafe Savoy in Prague.
Goddesses and owls feature in a lovely Art Nouveau facade, you'll find gorgeous architecture like this all over Prague.
A Prague city view from the top of the hill at Strahov Monastery.
A wonderfully fall cup of pumpkin soup from a farmer's market in Prague.
Prague's stunning Estates Theatre from a private box.
A perfectly brewed carafe of coffee from Prague's Můj šálek kávy.
Penguins at night - Prague's Museum Kampa right on the Vltava River.


  1. Beautiful photos! Prague's been on my bucket-list for ages, any recommendations?

    1. Thanks Kirsten! Prague is such a beautiful city, and so walkable. I had several good meals at ambiente group restaurants, especially Cafe Savoy and Lokal. I went to the ballet at the lovely Estates Theatre and it was affordable and a really nice way to spend and evening. The farmer's market in the Vinohrady neighborhood was another highlight!


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