Good Morning, Prague

Sunrise over the Vltava River in Prague, Czech Republic
My first full day in Prague started with a misty early morning walk across the Vltava. The fog felt so appropriate, shrouding the Art Nouveau facades and pastel exteriors in a bit of mystery. The subtle beauty of the city revealed slowly, quietly the closer I explored.

Biking across the Region Bridge over the Vltava.
A window into Prague's Cafe Savoy.
An elegant breakfast at Cafe Savoy in Prague.
Espresso with milk and water at Prague's Cafe Savoy.

I stopped for breakfast at the lovely Cafe Savoy. All of the servers wear smart white collars, black vests, and bow ties lending an instant elegance to the already stunning interior. Soft boiled eggs are never on the menu in my part of the world. But I wish they were. There's something so satisfying in process of their consumption. Toast soldiers to dip, then a tiny spoon to scoop.

Cafe Savoy houses its own patisserie, check it out downstairs.
The generous bread basket at Cafe Savoy.

Alongside the egg there was sliced cheese and prague ham, plus a barely sweet wedge of nutty marble cake. And a generous bread basket with butter and two jams. And hot chocolate. How could I forget about the hot chocolate? All supplemented by an espresso served in the most beautiful little china cup. In Prague, espressos are often served with a miniature pitcher of steamed milk and a glass of water, it's such a thoughtful touch. Make sure to take a bathroom break before you leave, if only to peek into the p√Ętisserie where the pastries and breads are made each day.

A misty morning over the Vltava River in Prague.
The oh so elegant, Cafe Savoy in Prague.
The Memorial to the Victims of Communism in Prague.
A bridge to bridge view, Legion to Charles in Prague.


  1. You made it to Prague? That's absolutely amazing! I loved being there!! :)

    1. Hi Agness! I did indeed and was great, such a gorgeous city!


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