Chicago : Molly's Cupcakes

Last weekend Christine, Mariann, and I were in Chicago for the Pitchfork Music Festival. Well, Mariann was already there but Christine (plus Ginny and Jocelyn!) and I were just visiting. In between the music we ate some yummy food and LOTS of cupcakes. We loved Molly's Cupcakes so much that we visited twice in one day. The cupcakes are that good. Seriously.

The atmosphere in Molly's Cupcakes is really fun. The decor is light and whimsical with lots of big windows and fun accessories. Instead of sitting at bar stools customers sit on swings hanging from the ceiling. The employees were super friendly and were nice about me taking pictures.

Our first visit was after lunch on Saturday. I had been to the website earlier and knew I wanted to try the Pumpkin Spice cupcake because I lurve pumpkin pie so so much. It did not disappoint. The cake was moist and tasty, but not overly spiced and the pumpkin marscapone filling was to die for. And the brown butter buttercream on top, sigh. I wish I had another right now. I also ordered the Strawberry Shortcake cupcake because it sounded yummy and was oh so pretty. Unfortunately it wasn't that good. The strawberry inside was too wet and made the cupcake mushy and not so tasty. The icing and some of the cake were salvageable and tasted good. Maybe I just got an older one that had been sitting out too long or something :/ Luckily it was the only dud of the batch.

Mariann and Jocelyn ordered the Ron Bennington, a chocolate cupcake with a peanut-butter-butterscotch filling and chocolate ganache icing. It was incredibly rich and delicious. Jocelyn liked it so much she got another when we came back later that evening. Ginny ordered the Chocolate Mousse cupcake which was a lot like the Ron Bennington except with a mousse filling. It was so decadent and yummy.

For dinner that evening we had sushi at Tsunami (more on that later) but decided to have dessert elsewhere. Ultimately we decided to come back to Molly's because the cupcakes were so good that we wanted more!

This time I ordered the Tiramisu cupcake, which I had tried and failed to convince Ginny to order earlier in the day. It was as delicious as regular tiramisu but even better because it was in cupcake form! Christine had the Red Velvet cupcake which was gorgeous with tiny red heart sprinkles. It was also super yummy, with traditional cream cheese icing and moist cake. Christine said it was the best of the three red velvet cupcakes she sampled over the weekend.

I highly recommend a visit to Molly's Cupcakes if you are in Chicago. It is great for people of all ages, especially families. Besides all of the filled varieties, Molly's also has plenty of classic cupcake flavors. Next time I'm up in Chicago I want to try their carrot cake cupcake, I'm sure it will be delightful.

2536 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 883-7220


  1. twice in one day?!?! ;) that must be some good stuff. and i love your pictures.

  2. That's simply awesome. Ron Bennington is a radio host on XM satellite radio and advertises for Molly's so much they named a cupcake after him.

    This is a great blog by the way that I'm definitely bookmarking. I really need to eat out more in Bloomington.

  3. Thanks Kyle! I had no idea about that Ron Bennington fella, interesting.


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