Of all the Japanese restaurants in Bloomington, Mikado is probably the nicest. And by nicest I mean most expensive. The decor isn't particularly fancy or trendy, like Japanee or Sushi Bar, but Mikado has an air of classiness that the other restaurants don't have. But it's not so fancy that you can't wear jeans and a tee shirt. The wait staff wear dress shirts and are usually quite professional and attentive. The best thing about Mikado is their huge selection of creative and delicious specialty rolls. These tend to run anywhere from $7-$18 per roll, so I usually end up spending more at Mikado then at Japanee or Sushi Bar.

Mikado does the basics very well. Their miso soup is the best I've had in Bloomington and the house salad is pretty good, but not as good as the one at Japanee. Both the Asparagus Tempura and Aspargus w/Mayo rolls are yummy, especially as a complement to the more complex specialty rolls. Last time Stephanie ordered the Avocado Roll she said it was good, but the pieces of avocado were a bit too big, throwing off the balance of textures. The spicy tuna is good, and I also like their Spicy Octopus. The Eel and Cucumber Roll is pretty tasty, Christine liked it better than I did. The only sushi I've really been disappointed in at Mikado was their Spicy Scallop Roll, which just tasted off.

Besides the basic rolls Mikado has a huge list of specials. Usually only a few are advertised for the night, but if you ask for suggestions the wait staff has a list with pages and pages of additional specialty rolls. That's how we found out about the Summer Strawberry Roll. Our waiter suggested it when Mariann asked if there were any rolls that featured fruit. It has asparagus tempura on the inside with salmon, strawberry slices, and tobiko on top, it's delicious! It is seasonal however, so you can't always order it. The Jungle Roll (the second roll pictured here) also has fruit, mango! I can't remember what was inside, but I do remember that it was good. They didn't have it last time we visited unfortunately, maybe next time!

The Dreamsicle is a simple, tasty roll. It's super white tuna with a little tempura, covered in tobiko. Another yummy roll is the 007, which is spicy tuna, tempura fried and topped with tons of tobiko and green onions. If you like spicy stuff, you'll probably like the Hulk which is covered in avocado, roe, and sriracha. The Half n' Half Roll is a newish special, it's salmon and avocado with eel in the middle and tempura flakes on top. If you want to try a variety of fish, the Manhattan Roll is good. It's covered in different varieties of tuna, plus salmon and eel with shrimp tempura inside and a yummy sauce on top.

895 S College Mall Rd
Bloomington, IN 47401
(812) 333-1950

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