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These posts are not in order chronologically, sorry. Technically the first cupcakes we ate were from Chicago Cupcakes. The name of the place might actually just be "Cupcakes," but that's just too confusing. All of the cupcakes we tried there were good. Several of them were fantastic, but overall I think they weren't quite as good as the cupcakes from Molly's Cupcakes. Also, I took these photos on the table at the front of the (tiny) shop and just as I was snapping the last one they told me I couldn't take pictures in there. Luckily I was pretty much finished because, although the to go boxes do a good job of protecting the cupcakes, the frosting definitely wasn't as pretty when we got the them home.

I was planning on just getting 2-3 cupcakes for Mariann, Ginny and I to share. No one else seemed particularly excited about them. Jocelyn was eventually converted but Christine remains ambivalent to the magic of cupcakes. Anyway, instead I decided to get one for everyone just in case they got jealous. I knew I wanted the Pancake Bacon Cupcake because it was one of the weekly specials and it sounded awesome. It was. So delicious. The buttercream frosting tasted like melted butter with a hint of maple syrup. It was perfect with the "pancake" cupcake, which tasted just like a pancake except denser and a tad sweeter. The bacon on top was delicious too, slathered in the buttercream.

The other highlight was the Carrot Cake cupcake. I love carrot cake but I'm not a fan of walnuts so I'm always excited to see Carrot Cake with pecans instead of walnuts. The cupcake was moist and dense with bits of carrots and nuts, maybe some raisins? The cream cheese frosting was perfect, not too sweet and just the right thickness.

We also tried the Coconut, Banana Rocky Road, Red Velvet and Limoncello cupcakes. The Red Velvet was pretty good but Christine didn't particularly like the lemony frosting. The Banana Rocky Road was okay, I think everyone else like it more than I did. The buttercream was banana flavored, but not overwhelmingly so. And the cake was very chocolatey. I think I'm just not a big fan of chocolate cupcakes. In general, I like my chocolate melt-y instead of cakey. The Limoncello cupcake was quite tangy. Maybe a little too sour in fact, especially after eating the other, sweeter, cupcakes. Actually it might have been perfect and refreshing if you were eating it as dessert after something spicy or as a snack during a hot day. The Coconut cupcake was solid. Good icing, nice cake, nothing super special.

The cool thing about Chicago Cupcakes is that they rotate their specialty cupcakes so every week they have new flavors. This week the specials include Dark Chocolate Coconut Curry and Blueberry Almond, both of which sound awesome. I recommend you skip the "normal" flavors and try out their unique weekly cupcakes. The Pancake Bacon cupcake may just have been the best thing I ate all weekend.

Chicago Cupcakes
613 W Briar Pl
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 525-0817
The have a nice website, with weekly specials

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